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Published June 1, 2009 as a follow-up to the influential Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind, this anthology revisits the work of writers like Theodore Roszak, Mary Gomes, Sarah Conn, Steven Aizenstat, and Ralph Metzner while offering a new harvest of contributions from David Orr, Richard Heinberg, Richard Louv, Bill McKibben, Joanna Macy, Larry Robinson, Malidoma Somé, and Shepherd Bliss.

Ecotherapy has been favorably reviewed by Time Magazine, NPR, Utne Reader, Adbusters, SELF Magazine, Best Health, the Sacramento Bee, the Contra Costa Times, the Oakland Tribune, Mercury News, the Monterey Herald, the Kansas City Star, Pioneer Press, Tri-City Herald, Bradenton Herald, the Huntsville Times, the Chicago Tribune, Sun Herald, Publisher's Marketplace, Mardigian Libary, and numerous blogs, including some at Huffington Post.

"This groundbreaking volume is must reading for therapists seeking guidance in navigating the new frontiers of ecopsychology, or for anyone who has ever wondered why we continue to abuse the planet even though we know better. Reaching a sustainable future means reinventing psychological healing as if the human–nature relationship matters — as it profoundly does." — Lester Brown, award-winning coiner of "sustainability" and founder of the Earth Policy Institute

- What Is Ecotherapy? -

announcements and recent news

Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist: The Drought Dialogues (6/15)

Ecotherapist Phoenix Smit's Ecosoul Wisdom website.
Visit ecotherapist Ariana Candell's website, and check out her clinical ecotherapy training program.
Ecotherapist and LCSW Rain Sussman's website.
Linda Buzzell at LinkedIn.

* Photo: Craig Chalquist teaches an ecotherapy class on January 15, 2010, at John F. Kennedy University, where graduate students learned ecotherapy history, theory, and hands-on practice.

Past ecotherapy happenings:
Urban farms reduce violence: research and photos (7/12).
Our book reviewed positively by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (7/12).
Craig posted "The Psychology of Climate Change Denial" (6/12).
Craig keynoted the Holos Institute conference in applied ecopsychology (4/12).
Earthkeeper Eileen Pardini's new website is up and running.
Craig has updated Terrapsychological Inquiry, a methodology to use with ecopsych/ecotherapy research.
Read about Encyclopedia Sophia, an under-construction resource for deep cultural transformation.
Craig presents on ecotherapy to the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology (1/12).

Craig's speech to the world's first ecotherapy certificate graduates (9/10/11)--CONGRATULATIONS!!
"When Nature is the Best Therapist," an article for the magazine Natural Awakenings (9/11).
Craig has visited The Graduate Institute in Connecticut to start setting up an ecotherapy certificate (6/11).
Linda reviews Carolyn Baker's new book Navigating the Coming Chaos: A Handbook for Inner Transition (3/11).
Craig presents "Ecotherapy: Nature as Therapist" at Santa Rosa Community College Arts & Lectures (3/11).
Craig interviewed for an ecotherapy article (April) in Martha Stewart's magazine WHOLE LIVING.
Craig presenting an ecotherapy slideshow for the Santa Rosa Junior College Arts and Lecture Series (2/11).

Craig and Jan Edl Stein present "Clinical Mental Health and Earth Spirituality," Earth Medicine Alliance (11/10).
Craig is speaking about ecotherapy for the Ecopsychology Panel at Bioneers (10/10).
Craig is facilitating an ecotherapy training for psychotherapist interns at Holos Institute (10/10).
Craig is facilitating an ecotherapy seminar at Bosch Baha'i Center (10/10).
Linda and Craig are creating a dialogue between ecotherapy and permaculture (8/10).
Katrina Martin Davenport is directing TerraPlaces, a project for bonding with where you are (summer/fall).
Craig is facilitating a 3-day ecotherapy event at Siena Ranch (6/10). [ - slideshow - ]
Craig is developing a 24-unit Certificate in Ecotherapy at JFK University (5/10).
Linda Buzzell's list of sustainable vocational opportunities (4/10).
Linda and Craig discuss "no-till" therapy (4/10).
Ariana Candell, MFT opens her Bay Area ecotherapy practice (4/10).
Craig has received authorization to design an ecotherapy certificate program for JFK University (3/10).
Linda signing books at Barnes and Noble, 160 S Westlake Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2 pm on Sat., Feb 27th.
Craig interviewed about environmental crisis denial, psychotherapy, and ecotherapy by Adbusters (2/8/10).
Ecotherapy is selling so well that the publisher is having to do a second printing already (1/27/10).
Craig conducts ecotherapy training for psychotherapy students at JFK University (1/19/10).
Ecotherapy mentioned in the New York Times after Linda's interview with them (1/18/10).
Craig teaches his first graduate-level ecotherapy class, JFK Univeristy (1/15-16/10).
Linda and Craig interviewed by SELF Magazine this week, details to follow (1/4-7/10).
Linda was just interviewed by the New York Times, details to follow (1/6/10).
Green Patriot Radio now running an interview with Craig on ecotherapy (1/5/10).

Reply to Time Magazine article by Craig Chalquist.
Craig talks terrapsychology and ecotherapy with FuturePrimitive (posted 11/24/09).
Ecotherapy workshop by Craig at the Almaden Valley Counseling Center (11/20/09).
Craig signs books and presents ecotherapy at JFKU's Alumni Day (10/16/09).
Ecotherapy is now the #1 environmental book at Amazon.com (10/4/09).
Ecotherapy mentioned in Grist blog "Therapy On the Titanic" (9/29/09).
Oakland Tribune: "An Earthy Approach to Psychotherapy" (9/18/09).
"Supergreen Me": Linda's blog at Huffington Post (9/12/09).
"Gardening and Mental Health," CC Times garden (8/7/09).
Linda and Craig interviewed by Time Magazine (7/28/09).
Linda signs books at Chaucer's in Santa Barbara (7/9/09).
Craig interviewed on Green Patriot Radio (7/8/09).
"Sustainasanity": Contra Costa Times article by Craig (7/2/09).
Craig signs books at the Green Arcade in SF (6/26, 7 pm).
Craig signs books at the Contra Costa Times garden (6/26, 11:30 a.m.).
Linda and Craig talk to The Green Majority, 89.5 FM, in Toronto (6/26).
Linda talks ecotherapy on NPR's "Living on Earth" (6/19).
"The Green Cure for Chronic Stress" by Linda at Huffpost (6/16).
Linda and Craig on Time Magazine podcast (6/16 at 11:30 PST).
"Slowing Down to Nature's Pace" by Linda at Huffingtonpost (6/9).
Craig signs books at the Dream Institute of Northern California (6/7).
Linda interviewed by New York Times Magazine (6/5).
Linda and Craig discuss ecotherapy on Sierra Club Radio (6/3).
Linda talks about ecotherapy on Wisconsin Public Radio (5/25).
Therapy Today in the UK mentions ecotherapy and our book (April edition).