certificate in ecotherapy and sustainable system at John f. kennedy university

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In Fall 2010, John F. Kennedy University rolled out a one-year graduate-level Certificate in Ecotherapy and Sustainable Systems. This certificate is a hybrid, with course content online and over a hundred hours of assignments offline to balance information and theory with application and direct practice.

Offered by the Department of Consciousness & Transformative Studies (Pleasant Hill, CA campus), the Certificate is designed to train ecotherapists and cultural mentors who desire to facilitate deep transformation, education, and healing by guiding individuals and groups into consciously beneficial relationships with the natural world.

Included are tools for practicing ecotherapy, educating one's community about the scientific, social, and psychological aspects of sustainability, leadership skills, key concepts from ecopsychology and related fields, and introductions to the latest studies and practices in horticultural therapy and interspecies healing and communication.

The Certificate includes two three-day intensives and a 75-hour internship during which skills are practiced and professional networking established. Students from out of town are welcome--the online component can be done at home wherever you live.

Application requirements include a Bachelor's degree, school transcripts, and a six-page Personal Statement. The Certificate is not a licensing degree, nor do you need a license or Master's to enroll.

For more information, visit JFKU.edu or contact Craig Chalquist at 925-969-3137.



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